About Us

Precision is more than just part of our name, it’s the foundation which we’re built upon. With a combined decades of experience and wide range of skills, we’ve dedicated ourselves to meeting your exact specifications, precisely designing and building quality parts. From prototype to production, we have the experience and equipment to tackle any job, ranging from a simple part replacement to complex machine development.

Our team specializes in all areas of machining, providing you with not only quality products, but cost effective solutions. We’ve been trusted by numerous organizations in New Mexico and across the nation, including National Laboratories, Laser Manufacturers, Oil & Gas, Surgical Robotic Developers, Nuclear Instrumentation, Water Purification Technologies, and beyond. The diversity in our customer base not only reflects our experience, but also our ability to serve a variety of industries, meeting each of their unique sets of standards and regulations. As a small, private owned business, we know the meaning of hard work and the endurance it takes to turn a design into a reality. No matter your machining needs, we guarantee to meet them, demonstrating unmatched precision and quality throughout the process.

From manufacturing and fabrication methods to tooling techniques, production troubleshooting, and design concept development, trust in the expertise of New Mexico’s leading machinists—DWD Precision Machining!

From concept to completion, we offer design and development for premier machining. Reach out to DWD Precision Machining today and discover how we can enhance your performance and production!