Precision Machining and Fabrication

Precision Machining

DWD Precision Machining utilizes 5 axis machining centers for a variety of industries, including government, military & defense, automotive, consumer, and beyond. Combining New Mexico's top machinists with innovative technology, we meet your demands of precision, quality, and efficiency in every aspect, offering premier solutions built to your exact specifications. From rapid prototyping to production.

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Intelligent Design

At the core of quality machining is intelligent design. DWD Precision Machining has refined and mastered the art of part design, using the latest software and technology throughout our process. From concept creation to machine production, our team carefully plans and produces each component, ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficacy— let our experts at DWD help design your next project.

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Our Work

Our experienced staff’s capabilities enable us to produce complex geometries while routinely holding tolerances of greater than or equal to .0002”. Machining is possible in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, Ultem, G10, and other plastics.

Innovative CNC Machining

Our technical team has decades of experience with a diverse range of skills. We practice cost effective manufacturing and fabrication methods, tooling techniques, production troubleshooting, and development of design concepts.

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